Once bedbugs have established their presence, it can be difficult and expensive to evict them. That’s why one adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” ties so closely to, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” With time and effort, you can help prevent bedbugs from invading your life.

Bargain Shoppers

  • DON’T BUY USED MATRESSES or BOX SPRINGS. Bedbugs are extremely efficient hiders. Even trained pest controllers can miss evidence of bedbugs, and mattress/box springs are among the most common bedbug hideouts. Instead, buy your mattresses and box springs new and avoid the future cost of eliminating annoying critters from your home.
  • When buying used clothes, shoes, or stuffed animals, wash them immediately in hot water (120 degrees or hotter) and dry them thoroughly on high heat.
  • Inspect items before buying them. Look for rusty colored spots, small shells that look like sesame seeds, insect shells and bugs themselves. Bedbugs especially like snuggling into seams of garments, book spines and creases on furniture. When in doubt, you’re better off passing up the bargain.


Bedbugs love to travel, often hitchhiking home with unsuspecting hosts. Unsurprisingly, cities with high tourist populations have reported huge increases in bedbug infestations. 

Pack with you:
- A high powered flashlight
- Belongings that can be washed in hot water
- Sealing storage bags

And if you can:
- A portable luggage heater

  • Upon arrival at a hotel or motel, wait to bring luggage or belongings inside. Inspect mattresses and box springs for bugs, eggs or rust to dark colored spots, especially around seams. Look for evidence near baseboards around the beds. If evidence of bed bugs is present, do not bring your belongings into the room. Ask to change to a room that is not connected to the infested room. Check the new room thoroughly.
  • When bringing belongings inside, do not place them on furniture used for sleeping or sitting. Many hotels have shelves located away from sleeping areas, which is a better place to keep belongings.
  • Using portable heating devices designed for bed bug control while traveling may protect your luggage and personal belongings from picking up bed bugs.
  • Sealing personal items in sealing storage bags may help protect your belongings. In the event that you discover bed bugs during your stay, having the bags on hand can isolate belongings until you can treat them.
  • Before bringing luggage inside, thoroughly check your luggage and clothing with a flashlight. 
  • After checking your belongings thoroughly, run clothes through a dryer for 30 minutes past the point that they are fully dry. If you wash first, wash with hot water (120 degrees or hotter).

Encasement Reviews (External Links)

Secure a Bed Scientific Review and Test Results 


Clutter can offer bedbugs safe haven from exile. Clutter and seldom cleaned areas of the home give bedbugs space to nest and reproduce with impunity. 


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